The power of connection

Recently, I came across an article on my LinkedIn feed that mentioned a book titled “Seeing Others: How Recognition Works and How It Can Heal a Divided World” by Dr. Michele Lamont. Dr. Lamont discusses the broader issue of race, but I have also observed this concept from my own vantage point. Across industries and Read More

What can you do with four years?

What takes roughly four years to earn? An electrical, HVAC, or plumbing license in many states. Oh, did you expect me to say college? Because that’s true, too. But I’m guessing many people don’t know that specialty licenses are comparable. In many states, apprentices and trainees need 4,000 hours of documented time under a licensed Read More

Join our beta-testing group!

It’s been a busy month.  We’ve officially launched – yay!  Now the real fun begins. With our mission always at the forefront (it’s all about the people) we’re starting with a beta-testing group.  Our goal is to make sure our platform is straightforward and easy to use before launching it out to a broader market.  Read More